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January - March 2019

“It is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and cast into his garden; and it grew, and waxed a great tree; and the fowls of the air lodged in the branches of it.”  Luke 13:19

Wow! The beginning of a new year! It is hard to believe we are entering our tenth year on the road. The Lord has blessed us with many opportunities to share the Gospel with lost souls all across the United States. As we reflect on how great a God we serve, we are humbled that the Lord would use us to minister to churches and reach the lost in communities around our country. What a blessing it is to be used by God to reach the lost and disciple His people. We have seen much fruit over the last nine years, and all of it is added to your account, storing up treasures in heaven and bringing glory to the great God we serve.

We are at one of our favorite resting places that God has provided in the last four years, a hunting camp in South Carolina. For the last couple years God has provided Seven Pines Baptist Church in which we worship and serve Him. Country churches are unique and usually friendly. We visited many around the camp, but this was the only one that was sound in doctrine and music. Pastor Mark and his wife Edith have been dedicated to this church for seventeen years. Pastor Mark is a soul winner and enjoys going cold calling door-to-door. We have seen many come to know the Lord in the last couple years, and our brothers and sisters of Seven Pines are growing spiritually at a steady pace. It is a joy serving our great Lord with them.

Each year the Lord has added meetings to our schedule; however, this year, He has left our schedule light leaving the door open for us to help Victory Baptist Church in Barnwell, South Carolina. Victory Baptist is a fundamental, independent Baptist church that hired a pastor last year. We decided to visit the church a few Sundays ago and were heart broken when no one showed up for service. The church had closed its doors! We then spent some time praying in the parking lot for God to introduce us to someone who knew anything about the church and why the church was closed. Our prayer was simple, “Lord, here is a church in need of help, and we have a ministry willing to help.” A perfect match! Not long after, the Lord led us to a member who told us that the pastor they had hired ran the members off and is now trying to sell the church building. God has burdened our hearts to help them. We held our first service on Sunday, March 17 and had five members attend. Scott has introduced the trustees to the NCLL who gave them some great counsel. They will vote this man out of office on Wednesday, March 27. They have asked Scott to be their interim pastor. We are praying for Godís direction.

In Luke 13:19, Jesus taught His disciples that His Kingdom will start small but will grow mighty. We believe, with Godís help and by His will, we will help Victory Baptist Church revive. We claim Luke 13:19 as our own and start small, but grow mightily. The members have already agreed that if it is not in Godís will to reopen this church, then it may be that He is asking us to plant a new church and start fresh with a new name and building. Please pray that God would give us clarity on His will for Victory Baptist Church.

Our first meeting of the year is at Bible Baptist Church in Spanish Fort, AL. The Pastor has asked if we would minister to the children during their revival meeting. It is always a pleasure when we get to serve together under the same tent. Normally, Scott preaches to the adults under the big tent while Lorraine teaches the children under the little tent. We are looking forward to many coming to know the Lord.


  • Pray for God to prepare hearts for revival.
  • Pray for laborers to sow and reap the harvest.
  • Pray for travel mercies as we travel.

Scott and Lorraine
Romans 10:14-15

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